Comptron Quick Books Integration (CQI)

Comptron integration with Quick Books.

CQI integrates Comptron Parts/Service and Comptron F&I (Showroom) end-of-day transactions directly into Quick Books!

  • This product is a client server application.
  • The Comptron CQI programs and data reside on the Comptron server.
  • The CQI programs run on the Windows PC.
  • The Quick Books program and data run on the Windows PC.


CQI requires SCO Unix Enterprise on the server, and Windows (version 7, 8, 8.1, or 10) on the PC.

The Windows PC that runs CQI must have a network connection to the Comptron unix server.

CQI supports Quick Books multi-user mode, but CQI can only run on 1 Windows PC.


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